10 pcs Craft Pack

3 Layered, Full Ultrasonic ,Meltblown Surgical Mask with Nose Wire and Soft Elastic Ear Band .Thanks to its soft and flexible structure compatible with the face,OPSERMED can be used in applications requiring hygiene. It is breathable and allows you to breathe easily. It does not cause allergies. It has a 3 layered structure. 99% Particle filtration. Provides strong protection against bacteria.


  • Up to %99 filtration
  • TYPE IIR Standard
  • Full Ultrasonic , Non-woven fabric
  • Untouched production
  • Easy breathing
  • Latex free
  • Fiberglass free
  • Paraben free
  • The mask fits on the nose and can be shaped with the nose wire, it provides easy use and high protection.

  • Low breathing resistance filter technology provides effective filter performance that increases easy breathing and comfort while reducing breathing resistance.
  • Nose panel that fits the face has a curved and low profile design, fits well on the nose and eye contours, offers a good vision and improves compatibility with the eye .
Bacteria Filtration  % 98(EN-14683 + AC 2019 Eurolab Test Report Result)
Mask Layers : Spunbond / Meltblown / Spunbond
Nose Wire :  PP-Alu
Ear Band :  Yumusak Elastik Bantli
Inner Layer:  20 gr/m2 PP Spunbound Kumas (Nonwoven)
Middle Layer:  25 gr/m2 PP Meltblown Kumas (Nonwoven)
Outer Layer:  30 gr/m2 PP Spunbound Kumas (Nonwoven)

Color : Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Red, Pink
Height: 170 mm (+/- 5 mm)
Genisligi : 90 mm (+/- 5 mm)
Width 2mm.

(Mask color may change depending on the fabric color in production)

  • Pack of 5
  • Box of 50 (5x10)
  • Box of 200 (50x4)
  • Box of 400 (50x8)
  • Box of 2400 (50x480)
  • Kraft Envelope Pack of 10
  • Kraft Envelope Box of 360 (10x36)